Various types of leathers such as cow, buff, sheep, goat, pony, foils, suede, etc., are used to manufacture various shapes and styles of bags like, totes, hobos, xbody, zip pouches, duffel bags, back packs, laptop bags, etc.

A variety of products such as wallets, cardholders, key chains, passport covers, tablet/phone covers, etc. are manufactured.

Embroidery and embellishment, using different types of stones and beads, is done on various types of fabrics as well as leathers.

A wide range of fabrics and materials are used, which include canvas, cotton twill, jute, satin, silk, nylon polyester blends, viscose and wool, with and without leather trims. Canvas bags are manufactured using various techniques, such as, digital printing, piece dyed and washed, dip dyed, waxed canvas and washed, etc.

Leather and embroidered fabric evening belts are also manufactured.

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